CAR-T Cell

Hi! I'm Tobi, a really special type of cell called a T-cell and my job is to destroy leukaemia cells.

I grow in your bone marrow and I can be trained with lots of really cool superpowers to help me become a CAR-T cell and help fight cancer.

Researchers know CAR-T cells have lots of cool superpowers to help fight leukaemia, but they don't know what it is that makes them work for some children and not for others.

CAR-T Cell

Researchers want to know more about how CAR-T cells work and if they can make them any better at their job.

To be better able to fight leukaemia, we don't know if it is more important for CAR-T cells to have superpowers that help them:

1. Reach more cells (Killer Death Ray)
2. Clone (reproduce) themselves
3. Live Longer

CAR-T Cell

Right now I have no superpowers, but I do need your help to find my way around your body.

Are you ready? Then click 'Start'!

I can kill those nasty green Leukaemia cells by touching them.

Get me near them using the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT keys on your keyboard.

You can go for a KILLER DEATH RAY, CLONE ability or the option to LIVE LONGER.

Click the arrows to choose your superpower, then tap the SPACE key in the game to use it.

Try out other superpowers to figure out which one works best.

Keep an eye on those high scores!

Now, lets choose a difficulty

SUPERPOWER activited!
+5 seconds

Time left: